Notes and Useful Information

Players Pax and the wookie have come under suspicion of cheating in a major swoop race that the Zann Consortium had fixed for themselves. Not only taking the winnings but drastically changing the outcome of "fixed" gambling that should have been in favor for the Zann. The characters are also suspected of kidnappings a fellow pilot named Tal Styles an employee of the Zann.


The Zann Consortium use Swoop races as another form of income. The race itself is not the source of the income but the shady betting done on the side. Not to mention the massive crowds and spectators that they draw fueling their other businesses both legal and illegal.

They acquire slaves and train them to race providing them with a suitable, yet still low quality race swoop. Often from recovered or rebuilt from damaged swoops from previous races. During that process they are very open about the racers abilities and promote them as professional racers. The more skilled being promoted more and more. The Zann are under no illusion that most if not all of the slave racers will likely die in the race, which is also a very large part of the appeal to draw the crowds. The slaves themselves race to the fullest of their ability, not because they are forced to, but if they even just complete the race they win their freedom, and if they do win they might gain enough credits to make their lives much easier.

The Zann also sponsor very skilled racers too, those that are on their payroll are often told who is to win and whom to support. It is not uncommon for a Zann event to be entirely fixed and not have any outsiders racing. Most events however do welcome any others whom might want to race, just to drive up the winning pot and if the racers are well known, draw more observers.

Notes and Useful Information

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